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Biblical Guide to Debt

Debt is Dumb You may have heard that you need to debt to make money. Many government across the great planet of ours believe the same thing. The problem is that once there is debt, we basically need two dollars for every dollar we must pay back. It would be one dollar to pay off the debt, and another dollar to get into a positive standing. Many people want to use a credit card saying something like, “oh I will pay it off in full at the end of month.” Then the end of the month never comes. They just keep adding more and more to the point that the debt becomes almost unmanageable.

What the kicker is, most people could avoid this debt if they just did not allow themselves to fall into it. Speaking from experience a credit card can help in an emergency, but if I would have had a savings fund I would not have needed to use a credit card.

Credit card companies are not kind-hearted companies that just lend money to people for no reason and do not expect something in return. Companies expect…